Oct 13, 2015

US Latinos v EU refugees Wall position at start is the KEY difference

Introduction - Dec 1, 2016:
California Mom Papini and Trump's backtracking: THE US headlines
Backgound music: "Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds X.X Million"
Dec 1: with X.X at 2.3 and Clinton still at almost 65 million votes or 1.7 from the scripted 66.6, with which she will be proclaimed the real 44th president, after Obama and Trump's staged arrest:

California mom: psy-op to demonize US latinos
Headlines evolution in these type of psy-ops: 1. eye catcher, California's mom looks; 2. atrocities; 3. the target explicitly mentioned, in this case US hispanics. 
Sherri Papini's headlines of the day illustrate the second stage: "California Mom Had 'Message' Burned Onto Skin by a 'Very Sick Person,' Sheriff Says".

Article below published Oct 2015
In other words: more than one year before the US has a president-elect scripted as paving the way for terminator Hillary Clinton while having everyone get this:
Trump will do the opposite of what he promised except for two agendas: 
- fully legalize the terror state; 
- legalize genocide ("I will kill their families", supposedly referring to ISIS), beyond Philippines' Duterte drug smugglers (which includes hispanics, in Trump's own words) and drug addicts.


Note that in text below, in some cases, you can replace: 
- US hispanics with non-white residents in the EU;
- refugees fleeing to Europe with hispanic migrants trying to enter the USA.

Genocide: US Hispanics v refugees in Europe: the KEY difference
It's obviously NOT the type of demonize psy-ops, all carried out the same way.
It's not what they failed to get: the basics, although these are different in each case. 
Same goes for the gassing, which for refugees in the EU already started, Sep 2015: only a matter of timing.
The KEY difference is the start position relative to the wall of the death camps: while refugees first voluntarily marched into the death camps, hispanics voluntarily remain inside the camp while the wall is completed.

They ALL failed to get the basics
1. US hispanics: that illuminati media propagates not only agendas explicitly propagagted by Clinton's (example: disarm citizens) but ALSO by Trump, foremost the genocide agenda.
Example: "Trump ten points up in the polls" after, Jul 2015, starting to accuse hispanics:
- of being rapists and drug smugglers;
- promising to complete a wall with Mexico, which in fact creates the largest concentration camp ever.
2. Refugees fleeing to the EU: it's the same EU that participates, for years now, in the genocide in the countries they fled from.

Controlled "protests" to keep US hispanics quiet, at the right side of the wall
July 11, 2015 - Example of illuminati controlled organizations staging "protests" to in fact suppress it, alias ensure that they will be killed inside the wall:
"When Donald Trump described Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug smugglers last month, Latinos took to social media to express their outrage and urge businesses to sever ties with the billionaire presidential candidate.
In short order, more than 10 organizations canceled their deals with Trump, in what Latino activists are calling an unprecedented recognition of their economic clout."

US Hispanics: Demonize psy-ops:
Agenda: set the stage for the manhunt, meant to have people (starting with psy-operatives) conclude: "BUILD THAT FU...ING WALL AND GET THAT SCUM OUT!!".
Note about the refugees: most were forced to flee to Europe in summer 2015, after illuminati terminated food stamps in camps, from Turkey to Jordan.
For them this type of psy-ops has already fulfilled its main agenda: they are already being gassed, behind Hungary's completed wall; new psy-ops are rather about keep it rolling and diverting from it.

US Hispanics: what they ALSO failed to get
Same as US blacks:
1. How obvious are the psy-ops setting the stage for their extermination. In other words how close they are to being transported to the Walmarts and stadiums designed to host the gas chambers;
2. How their "representatives", from judge Sottomayor and actors playing hispanic candidates Cruz and Rubio to Mexico's president, are part of the script.
- in Europe, where the chemneys of death camps already release smoke since Sep 2015, Turkey's Erdogan already plays the FULL role that Mexico's president is still only partly playing: ensuring the continuation of a steady flow.
- for US blacks the leading actor in this role is the yet to be stripped "president Obama". Also after his staged arrest Obama and until he's "hanged", Obama will be also casted in ensuring a steady flow, calling, from behind bars, for blacks to resist.

Illuminati controlled organizations staging "protests" to in fact suppress it;
July 11, 2015 - more:
Latino spending power will hit $1.5 trillion this year, up 50 percent from 2010,
Hispanics under 30 were the single largest group behind a high-profile "Dump Trump" petition to Macy's Inc, which got more than 730,000 signatures, according to Angelo Carusone, organizer of the petition by liberal activists Moveon.org.

CONTEXT - for the Introduction
Sep 30, 2016 - Philippines Duterte: milestones to resuscitate Hitler AND legalize "manhunt for" type of genocide
Duterte milestone for genocide "just for being": a 30 multiplier within 3 months (from 100,000 to 3 million, Jun 29 to Sep 30, 2016).
Crowds in "Hitler resurrected" 2016: three milestones set by Clinton, Erdogan and Duterte
Duterte and Erdogan: parallel scripts
- Erdogan/Duterte pivot to Russia, China - theater for dummies; side notes: in detail and in general.

Psy-ops (all actors) are as obvious as this:
1. Demonize ethnic and religious minorities (such as "horrendous crimes"), same as setting the stage to for the supervised "race war" (such as "white police kills unarmed black" to have blacks led by illuminati's agents, such as BlackLivesMatter):
only these "stories" make national headlines, let alone FROM THE START of the "story", BEFORE the third stage, when the targeted group is explicitly named in the headlines.
2. Fake terrorist attacks: if the target were supposedly civilians.

Jul 2015 - Psy-ops to paint refugees as criminal migrants: set stage for death trains and 2 months later already to keep them rolling.
Illuminati jokes: Why was a major psy-op staged on New Year's Eve at the Cologne main train station?
Last Prophet's words from Jul 2015, two months before the "relocations by death train" restarted, 80 years later, also explains it in advance.

Reminder of what was explained in advance worldwide only by Last Prophet and is now at the trials, with Philippines' driver Duterte at this point clearly in the pole position:
BIG BANG: the most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever.
The ultimate reverse script starts with a sudden inversion just before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest.
Some of the scripts that will be suddenly inverted:
1. Multiracial society and open borders becomes manhunt for aliens and non-whites 
2. Legalize drugs becomes execution of drug addicts
3. "Gay marriage legalized" becomes manhunt for homosexuals.
4. "Ultra-nationalists" become "our national heroes"
5. Staged democracy becomes Hitler was right
See also the added preview section with unfolding examples.:

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