Ethnic Civil War, Illuminati last tactic weapon

Feb 17, 2017

Raids on turkish imams in Germany, DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups: for dummies

Raids on turkish imams in Germany, DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups: for dummies

Turkey's top cleric denounces raids on 4 imams in Germany
The PSY-OP advances two agendas, the main one with the headlines and the secondary one in text.
1. Headlines set the stage for roundup of all muslims
2. in text the reader discovers that it was not because they were muslim clerics but rather "that they had spied on opponents of the Turkish government".
This markets the illuminati theater "Germany v Erdogan".
Reminder: Erdogan plays the KEY role supplying Europe's death camps, where refugees started to be gassed in Oct 2015.

Meanwhile in the USA: Same day, same main agenda: 
DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups 
The psy-op is as simple as this: use the verb in the past and as a possibility rather than announcement of what is about to start.
Goal: again setting the stage for upscaling the ongoing roundup, which, unlike in the EU, is not yet at the "muslims" stage but rather still at the "illegals" stage

Feb 17, 2017 - Turkey's top cleric denounces raids on 4 imams in Germanyq. 
Turkey's top religious official suggested on Friday that the German authorities' raids on the apartments of four Islamic clerics were political moves fueled by "Islamophobia" ahead of elections in the country.
Mehmet Gormez, the chief of the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, also rejected accusations that the clerics were engaged in spying or any other illegal activity. 
He acknowledged, however, that some had "exceeded their authorities" and were called back to Turkey, without offering details.
The four clerics' homes were raided on Wednesday over suspicions that they had spied on opponents of the Turkish government.

Feb 17, 2017 - DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups

Psy-ops (all actors) are as obvious as this:
1. Demonize ethnic and religious minorities (such as "horrendous crimes"), same as setting the stage to for the supervised "race war" (such as "white police kills unarmed black" to have blacks led by illuminati's agents, such as BlackLivesMatter):
only these "stories" make national headlines, let alone FROM THE START of the "story", BEFORE the third stage, when the targeted group is explicitly named in the headlines.
2. Fake terrorist attacks: if the target were supposedly civilians.

Jul 2015 - Psy-ops to paint refugees as criminal migrants: set stage for death trains and 2 months later already to keep them rolling.
Illuminati jokes: Why was a major psy-op staged on New Year's Eve at the Cologne main train station?
Last Prophet's words from Jul 2015, two months before the "relocations by death train" restarted, 80 years later, also explains it in advance.

Oct 13, 2015

US Latinos v EU refugees Wall position at start is the KEY difference

Introduction - Dec 1, 2016:
California Mom Papini and Trump's backtracking: THE US headlines
Backgound music: "Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds X.X Million"
Dec 1: with X.X at 2.3 and Clinton still at almost 65 million votes or 1.7 from the scripted 66.6, with which she will be proclaimed the real 44th president, after Obama and Trump's staged arrest:

California mom: psy-op to demonize US latinos
Headlines evolution in these type of psy-ops: 1. eye catcher, California's mom looks; 2. atrocities; 3. the target explicitly mentioned, in this case US hispanics. 
Sherri Papini's headlines of the day illustrate the second stage: "California Mom Had 'Message' Burned Onto Skin by a 'Very Sick Person,' Sheriff Says".

Article below published Oct 2015
In other words: more than one year before the US has a president-elect scripted as paving the way for terminator Hillary Clinton while having everyone get this:
Trump will do the opposite of what he promised except for two agendas: 
- fully legalize the terror state; 
- legalize genocide ("I will kill their families", supposedly referring to ISIS), beyond Philippines' Duterte drug smugglers (which includes hispanics, in Trump's own words) and drug addicts.


Note that in text below, in some cases, you can replace: 
- US hispanics with non-white residents in the EU;
- refugees fleeing to Europe with hispanic migrants trying to enter the USA.

Genocide: US Hispanics v refugees in Europe: the KEY difference
It's obviously NOT the type of demonize psy-ops, all carried out the same way.
It's not what they failed to get: the basics, although these are different in each case. 
Same goes for the gassing, which for refugees in the EU already started, Sep 2015: only a matter of timing.
The KEY difference is the start position relative to the wall of the death camps: while refugees first voluntarily marched into the death camps, hispanics voluntarily remain inside the camp while the wall is completed.

They ALL failed to get the basics
1. US hispanics: that illuminati media propagates not only agendas explicitly propagagted by Clinton's (example: disarm citizens) but ALSO by Trump, foremost the genocide agenda.
Example: "Trump ten points up in the polls" after, Jul 2015, starting to accuse hispanics:
- of being rapists and drug smugglers;
- promising to complete a wall with Mexico, which in fact creates the largest concentration camp ever.
2. Refugees fleeing to the EU: it's the same EU that participates, for years now, in the genocide in the countries they fled from.

Controlled "protests" to keep US hispanics quiet, at the right side of the wall
July 11, 2015 - Example of illuminati controlled organizations staging "protests" to in fact suppress it, alias ensure that they will be killed inside the wall:
"When Donald Trump described Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug smugglers last month, Latinos took to social media to express their outrage and urge businesses to sever ties with the billionaire presidential candidate.
In short order, more than 10 organizations canceled their deals with Trump, in what Latino activists are calling an unprecedented recognition of their economic clout."

US Hispanics: Demonize psy-ops:
Agenda: set the stage for the manhunt, meant to have people (starting with psy-operatives) conclude: "BUILD THAT FU...ING WALL AND GET THAT SCUM OUT!!".
Note about the refugees: most were forced to flee to Europe in summer 2015, after illuminati terminated food stamps in camps, from Turkey to Jordan.
For them this type of psy-ops has already fulfilled its main agenda: they are already being gassed, behind Hungary's completed wall; new psy-ops are rather about keep it rolling and diverting from it.

US Hispanics: what they ALSO failed to get
Same as US blacks:
1. How obvious are the psy-ops setting the stage for their extermination. In other words how close they are to being transported to the Walmarts and stadiums designed to host the gas chambers;
2. How their "representatives", from judge Sottomayor and actors playing hispanic candidates Cruz and Rubio to Mexico's president, are part of the script.
- in Europe, where the chemneys of death camps already release smoke since Sep 2015, Turkey's Erdogan already plays the FULL role that Mexico's president is still only partly playing: ensuring the continuation of a steady flow.
- for US blacks the leading actor in this role is the yet to be stripped "president Obama". Also after his staged arrest Obama and until he's "hanged", Obama will be also casted in ensuring a steady flow, calling, from behind bars, for blacks to resist.

Illuminati controlled organizations staging "protests" to in fact suppress it;
July 11, 2015 - more:
Latino spending power will hit $1.5 trillion this year, up 50 percent from 2010,
Hispanics under 30 were the single largest group behind a high-profile "Dump Trump" petition to Macy's Inc, which got more than 730,000 signatures, according to Angelo Carusone, organizer of the petition by liberal activists

CONTEXT - for the Introduction
Sep 30, 2016 - Philippines Duterte: milestones to resuscitate Hitler AND legalize "manhunt for" type of genocide
Duterte milestone for genocide "just for being": a 30 multiplier within 3 months (from 100,000 to 3 million, Jun 29 to Sep 30, 2016).
Crowds in "Hitler resurrected" 2016: three milestones set by Clinton, Erdogan and Duterte
Duterte and Erdogan: parallel scripts
- Erdogan/Duterte pivot to Russia, China - theater for dummies; side notes: in detail and in general.

Psy-ops (all actors) are as obvious as this:
1. Demonize ethnic and religious minorities (such as "horrendous crimes"), same as setting the stage to for the supervised "race war" (such as "white police kills unarmed black" to have blacks led by illuminati's agents, such as BlackLivesMatter):
only these "stories" make national headlines, let alone FROM THE START of the "story", BEFORE the third stage, when the targeted group is explicitly named in the headlines.
2. Fake terrorist attacks: if the target were supposedly civilians.

Jul 2015 - Psy-ops to paint refugees as criminal migrants: set stage for death trains and 2 months later already to keep them rolling.
Illuminati jokes: Why was a major psy-op staged on New Year's Eve at the Cologne main train station?
Last Prophet's words from Jul 2015, two months before the "relocations by death train" restarted, 80 years later, also explains it in advance.

Reminder of what was explained in advance worldwide only by Last Prophet and is now at the trials, with Philippines' driver Duterte at this point clearly in the pole position:
BIG BANG: the most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever.
The ultimate reverse script starts with a sudden inversion just before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest.
Some of the scripts that will be suddenly inverted:
1. Multiracial society and open borders becomes manhunt for aliens and non-whites 
2. Legalize drugs becomes execution of drug addicts
3. "Gay marriage legalized" becomes manhunt for homosexuals.
4. "Ultra-nationalists" become "our national heroes"
5. Staged democracy becomes Hitler was right
See also the added preview section with unfolding examples.:

Jul 17, 2015

CHATTANOOGA hoax perfectly integrated aliens

CHATTANOOGA Psy-op: Target:"perfectly integrated aliens".
remake of one of the agendas of the Boston marathon hoax, Jihadi John or the "british teenage girls fleeing to Syria to join ISIS".
It was designed to have afterwards NSA psy-ops "commenting":

"It Wasn't A f... Muslim Extemist That Shot These Marines!!!
It was a f... Muslim, who finished college, fought MMA and lived a normal fucking civilian life until he was called to commit MURDER! 
Every f... single 'peaceful' Muslim is capable of this by f... proxy.
How can a guy named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez not be on the watch list?

The man who authorities say killed four Marines in an attack on a military recruiting center and another U.S. military site was a 24-year-old, Kuwait-born engineer who had not been on the radar of federal authorities until the bloodshed.
Beyond that, little is known about Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez of Hixson, Tennessee, or what motivated his rampage. Federal authorities were looking into the possibility it was an act of terrorism, but say there is no evidence yet that anyone else was involved — or that the public is in any danger.

Boston Marathon bombings hoax: FIVE illuminati milestones. From "public" simulated only with actors to manhunt for perfectly integrated aliens.
one of the agendas of this psy-op is to have the audience accept execution of anyone for any "crime"

Ferguson, Baltimore = two of the countless psy-ops staged only with actors, sharing the agenda "set stage for manhunt for non-whites". From 2005:

Shooting psy-ops: As usual initially more than one face is presented as the shooter.
Chattanooga shooter: one of the actors also featured in ad "Unique Method May Regrow Lost Hair".
Jul 19 - Currently the two first photos here: - snapshot

Forums: first reply at: this discussion
Link to Snapshot of yahoo news home page with ad "Unique Method May Regrow Lost Hair, posted 17-07-2015, 06:59 PM at page 3 of:  this discussion

Aug 20, 2014

Ferguson to Baltimore riots Brown to Gray interracial rape culture pause by Cosby

Martial law test: staged Baltimore riots and dead Gray predicted
Set the stage for genocide in malls, the manhunt for blacks and muslims first, followed by jews and christians.
Unfolding theater using black actors, from veteran Cosby to ethinc indonesian playing "black Obama, a covert muslim": explained worldwide only the same ONE who predicted not only a curfew but also in what city and apparently the most amazing of all, the name of the "dead", in the second episode of the riots series.

BROWN 2014 to GRAY 2015 (GREY) - explained before Patriarch Bill Cosby stepped again on stage in the pause of the riots show
Interracial culture: "brown to grey" predicted even before Cosby appeared in the cast for a raping pause in "not so dead and not so blacks" show.
Last Prophet predicted not only the staged Baltimore riots to test martial law but also explained why this time the dead was named Gray

Reminder from Nov 24 2014:
CNN: Cosby controversy signs of interracial rape culture - FOR DUMMIES
One of the acts staged with veteran black actors setting the stage for the manhunt for blacks.
Bill Cosby steps again on stage, but this time in the pause of a culture show.
Title: from Ferguson's Brown to the coming Baltimore's (probably) Gray.

Ferguson psy-op for dummies
August 2014, published one day after the start of the Ferguson staged riots:

It's part of countless psy-ops using black actors, from "dead Brown's father" to Ferguson police chief, to set the stage for the manhunt for blacks, the first race the neo-Gestapo will come for. 
It's the first "black rioting mobs" type of psy-op setting the stage to test martial law.
Since Ferguson is not large enough city, expect a remake at Baltimore, the only top 50 US city with a black majority, for a real test of martial law. 

Why it all started with an actor playing "dead Brown"
As always illuminati use the naming of actors in the cast to pass truth hidden in plain sight about the script exposed by Last Prophet long ago and now finally unfolding.

November 20, 2014
Intro: For more than 50 years, Bill Cosby has been one of America's leading entertainers: a noted comedian, an Emmy-winning actor and an innovative producer.
However, his reputation has been tarnished by allegations of rape. Here's a look at how Cosby, shown here in 2013, has changed through the years:
Suppodedly written by a black. "Marc Lamont Hill, CNN Political Commentator and distinguished professor of African-American studies at Morehouse College. "
Cosby controversy: 6 signs of rape culture:
Patriarchy, Denial, Blaming the victim, Perpetuating myths, Trivializing sexual violence, Turning rapists Into victims
-- Over the past few weeks, new attention has been paid to longstanding allegations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted multiple women over the course of his career. As new information and accusers are brought to light, we are reminded of an unshakable feature of American life: rape culture.
By "rape culture," I refer to the ways that our society and its institutions normalize, promote, excuse, and enable sexual violence against men and women. While I cannot definitively say that Cosby is guilty of the crimes of which he is accused, the conversation about him epitomizes some of the most pernicious aspects of rape culture.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Dec 2009: 
Who will the neo-Gestapo first come for this time
Martial law to be proclaimed after Obama's staged arrest, officially launches the manhunt for dissidents and non-whites, starting with gang members.
First two groups of whites to be rounded and guillotined in malls:
- political dissidents, arrested initially still using the "deemed mentally ill" excuse.
- part of interracial couples.
This as the ongoing genocide of "mentally ill" and handicapped will be legalized.
As for tens of millions of other whites, starting with elderly, they will be murdered shortly after with compulsory vaccination.

From Aug 2014, examples for illuminati screaming "We'll kill you now!" last updated Jul 2016..
MUSLIMS, BLACKS, HISPANICS (same goes for other non-whtes and dissidents, which includes any true christians): Now Illuminati use headines to NON-STOP scream "WE WILL kILL YOU".
Yet nobody hears let alone reacts.
Contrast it with
- what Illuminati Grand Master Adolf Hitler screamed at the Jews 80 years ago
- what the illuminati have been either telling or screaming to the rest during the third millenium

For the basics about illuminati media, start with what is mocked with this psy-op:
CBS journalists killed during live TV: play race card with actors. What the joke is about:

Jul 7, 2014

Sarkozy arrested for dummies parallel to Obama handcuffed

France: Ex-president Sarkozy arrested for dummies: parallel script to imminent Obama handcuffed on live TV
July 7, 2014: premiere for governors of EU states (still called presidents or prime-ministers, not to mention a few kings): former "president" Sarkozy "arrested".
This illuminati joke is part of the parallel script "Obama arrested on live TV", the start of the BIG BANG, that includes the supervised race war.
How the race war starts: it ranges from genocide of ethnic russians and jews in the Ukraine (already ongoing) to genocide of non-whites and jews in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia. 
BIG BANG starts as soon as the ukrainian freedom fighters will be annihilated.

2014, Jul 7: Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over corruption allegations linked to L'Oréal heiress case

2009 Jan, Sarkozy acting the same way as actor Obama now: pretending to defend ethnic minorities, in fact setting the stage for the race war:
Recently Nicolas Sarkozy announced plans to pursue a vigorous policy of diversity and métissage. Concretely, this means giving preference to minorities in job hiring and prosecuting those who do not comply. In other words, affirmative action as a government policy from which none are exempt.
In his message Sarkozy insisted that the French people must change, that there will be dire consequences if they don't, and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country. Thus he amalgamated the concepts of preference for minorities in job hiring with that of the need for the French to intermarry racially.
These are two separate things. But in the mind of Sarkozy they go together.

2007, Dec: Sarkozy acting as drunk

Talk of parallel scripts and "Obama arrested":
Reminder of what happens the day after Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in video standing by the Malaysian Airlines missing Boeing 777:
the theater act "Obama arrested **LIVE** on TV with senate and congress members as background".
A remake of North Korea great leader Kim Jong Un's uncle arrest:

Why the emergence of armed resisters in Slovyansk caused panic in the illuminati.
Immediate consequence: Grand Master postponed start of the BIG BANG, the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden attached to a Boeing 777 and a mini-nuke or bio-weapon, Jerusalem

Illuminati theater: fake arrests, sieges, asylums, executions
Examples of illuminati puppet governments "persecuting" and "protecting" illuminati actors (updated).


Oct 23, 2013

Gypsies first ethnic minority to be targeted race war

March 19, 2014: Train company investigates announcement warning passengers to 'be aware of pickpockets and gypsies' before disembarking.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Oct 23, 2013:
Gypsies selected as the first ethnic minority to be targeted in preliminaries for the coming supervised race war "WHITES v NON-WHITES".

First act in France, mix and expell, September 2013.
Minister Valls puts on the same bag 
- the more than 100,000 law abiding gypsies who live for centuries in France;
- the 20,000 romanian gypsies charred into France by the illuminati under the cover of "open borders", many of them notorious as pickpockets.
On the fly Valls calls for the expulsion of gypsies (1).

Second act, the series "blonde girl seized from gypsy family", October 2013
As the first act starts in Greece, poster asks:
"How many children are going to be found before folks start showing up with torches and pitchforks?"

Illuminati don't waste time. Days later: "Irish Seize Blonde Girl From Romanian Gypsies".
But after the premiere in Greece they won't bother using a real child to play the "missing child" role in the following episodes of the same series.

(1) 25 September 2013 - French minister Valls defends call for Roma expulsions

(3) Oct 23, 2013 - As predictedby Last Prophet in "Illuminati use ONLY one child actress, in the FIRST episode, in GREECE":
The photo of the one and only child required for the whole series is also used to illustrate the second episode, in Ireland.

It takes ONE second to get that "Mysterious blond blue-eyed Maria abducted by evil Gypsies" is TOTALLY staged - Illuminati openly tell it
Looking at any of "mystery Mary"'s photos or videos served by the illuminati media is enough to expose the hoax, as expected from the Laws of End Time Reductionism.
Illuminati deliberately show a totally untanned girl although the premiere for this theater act takes place in October in Greece, after the long hot summer.
The goal is to fulfill one of illuminati religion's commandments: tell the TRUTH openly to the cattle in its perfect form: IMMEDIATELY.

Blond blue eyed Girl Mary abducted by evil Gypsies in Greece part of setting the stage for the coming supervised race war in the IV Reich.
In this case for gypsies, the first to be targeted.
Same as "Aaron Alexis" for blacks or "China owns you" for chinese.

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Jul 8, 2009

Controlled Demolitions, double detonations at core boundary: 7/11 2009 v 9/11 2001

Suicide bombers, both on 9/11 2001 and on 7/11 2009 (*), are ALL of the same type: fake. But "coincidentally" there are several types of double detonations.

Double DETONATIONS from 9/11 TWO types of "planes" and "collapses" in 2001 to 7/11 TWO types of "Obamas" in 2009

9/11, 2001: Two Types "airplanes" and "collapses"
On 9/11 there were two types of "planes": staged as obvious hoax (Pentagon [1]), and staged to fool people that they were real (Shanksville [1] and WTC towers [2]).

On 9/11 there were two types of "collapses": staged as obvious demolitions (WTC 7 [3]) and staged to fool people that they were real (again the WTC towers, much more explosive. [4]).

7/11, 2009: Two Types of "Obamas"
Make no mistake: there will be two fake suicide obombers (5) detonating on 7/11. (6)
The first "Obama" will participate in the official explosion, the only explosion that was included in the A-Plan, that was to be executed BEFORE the November 2008 "elections": he will explode as "Kenyan" (or more precisely: British), packaged for one group. (7)

The second Obama will be much more explosive, and was only part of the B-Plan, that will now be carried out: he will blow himself up unofficially as "son of Malcolm X", packaged for the other group. ( 8 )

What TWO groups are we talking about here?
For once the answer does not literally return the usual "black and white" paintings produced by Illuminati art. (9)

While the illuminati media will be selling the official version for the whites, Al Sharpton and the rest of the illuminati agents playing "the race" card will be selling the "Son of Malcom X" version, where "muslim" "Hussein Obama" (10) will ensure that muslims will enter the end times pogroms long before the day they had planned, i.e. the day where, once they would become the majority, they would finally begin exterminating the rest. (11)

In the Supreme Court the new illuminati actress Sonia Sotomayor will play the role of "trying" to stop "Obama's" impeachment, playing a key role to have "La Raza" joining blacks. (12)

Meanwhile, to ensure the unity of whites behind the last "Führer", "conservative" Sarah Palin (13) will join the cabinet of Terminator Hillary Clinton (14), who will be declared the real 44th President (15), i.e. the successor of the actor in the failed role of real "son of Man", GW Bush.

TWO groups in the LAST train to HELL
All of the above information were End Times Information Processes (16) running on the background of the last train.
Well behind planned arrival time (17), after a last stop-over (18) where no beast was able to leave (19), the last train can finally complete the last journey.

(1) Shanksville, Pentagon and the 9/11 "passengers"

(2) WTC: No Planes - the Core Lie

(3) WTC 7, 9/11 first terror message, explained last

(4) Mini Hydrogen-bombs - The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs demolition

(5) Richard M. Nixon v Barack H. Obama or two fake v the real illuminati suicide bomber, Hillary Clinton

(6) GENESIS 2:2 of Illuminati anti-Bible revealed in public by Obama, Saturday night, May 9, 2009
7/11 = the last day before "the illuminati will force "Christ the impostor" of anti-Bible to rest.

(7) Steve X, alias Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama for dummies - the 5 basic facts

( 8 ) Why do the illuminati try to convince you that Steve X (aka Barry Soetoro, aka 44th President Barack Hussein Obama II) is the son of Malcolm X?
Answer: Anti-Bible of Illuminati Religion is the main reason in A-Plan. Supervised Ethnic Civil War is the main reason in ongoing B-plan.

(9) For "black and white" illuminati paintings or more precisely for the "black is white, day is night" illuminati agenda, begin by the latest, which happens to be also part of 7/11:
Why illuminati terminated their icon Michael Jackson - exposed worldwide first

(10) Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009 - "Obama" as "muslim" "martyr" announcing to the muslim world his suicide bombing, in his Hussein alias Mahdi role, during a remake of the last anti-pope's journey, two weeks earlier

(11) "Coincidentally" just days before the US supervised ethnic civil war breaks out, what does the begin of Pogroms against the ethnic chinese minority in the chinese "province" of Xinjiang mean?

(12) Explained immediately after illuminati agent Sonia Sotomayor stepped on stage as Supreme Court Judge:
HORRIBLE TRUTH about role of Sotomayor in 7/11 events: have Latinos join Blacks in the ETHNIC CIVIL WAR supervised by the illuminati, to be launched following the detonation of suicide Obomber, scripted for 7/11.
HORRIBLE TRUTH about HORRIBLE TRUTH begins here: Who echoed it?

(13) "Paul Palin"'s role in the "End of the USA" script

(14) End Times "Coincidences"
As the last face of the last antichrist is FORMALLY unveiled as prophesized by End Time Prophet, two sheep are FORMALLY sacrificed by the Guru of the BIG SECT. The same ritual is used to terminate Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt, who happen to be the greatest cyclist and the grestest athlete ... EVER and FOREVER.
Ironically, after the fake BIG PHARMA Syringes used for these two sheep, real Syringes follow, to sacrifice the rest of the sheep.

(15) End Times Irony - June 14, 2009: Shortly before becoming 44th President, fulfilling the Prophecy that so far was used to prove Matt Marriott a false Prophet, Terminator Clinton becomes one of the first to echo one of the End Times Hoaxes exposed by End Times Prophet:

(16) Five entities in the Process:



(19) MOST HORRIBLE words EVER written but also ... impossible that anything more horrible is written till Final Judgement Day
(*) Added July 12: Why illuminati postponed once again "Obama" explosion scheduled for 7/11
FAIILLUMINATI once again show how terminal their cancer is by proving to be not enough strong to let fake suicide bomber "Obama" detonate, at the date (7/11, double detonations on Genesis 2:2 of anti-Bible, triggering ethnic civil war)  or before the date (November 4, 2008 "election" of Clinton) that they had previously announced.
This time they postponed the launch of ethnic civil war because they had to admit that they need "Obama" for sheep to swallow VACCISSASSINATION, before ethnic civil war is finally launched.

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